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About Us

G. Aron Perez-Selsky, Attorney At Law

Aron Perez-Selsky’s advocacy has earned him a reputation for zeal and professionalism in courtrooms across Oregon’s upper Willamette Valley. While serving as McMinnville City Prosecutor, Aron prosecuted hundreds of cases ranging from simple trespasses to serious traffic crimes. As a defense attorney, Aron brings that same expertise to bear on behalf of the accused, enabling him to secure acquittals in everything from traffic tickets to major felonies.

Aron has earned special renown for his practice of juvenile delinquency and dependency law.  As a delinquency attorney, Aron has obtained dismissal of charges for many Youths falsely accused of serious offenses.  In other cases, Aron has helped Youths avoid disastrous consequences to their permanent record through aggressive negotiation and motion practice.  Aron’s trial advocacy in several cases resulted in appellate opinions reinforcing the rights of the accused, including, most recently, State v. K. R. S., 298 Or App 318, 449 P3d 511 (2019) (reversing judgment finding Youth within the jurisdiction of the court for two counts of Sexual Abuse in the first degree, and holding that Oregon’s merger statute applies to juvenile adjudications), State v. Benito Martinez-Garcia, 283 Or App 473, 389 P3d 405 (2017) (reversing judgments finding defendant in Contempt for invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination), and State v. B.B.S., 276 Or App 602, 368 P3d 78 (2016) (reversing judgment finding youth within the jurisdiction of the court for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle).

Aron is among the few attorneys possessing a mastery of Oregon’s complex juvenile dependency code. His outcome-focused dependency work in Oregon’s trial and appellate courts has helped achieve parent-child reunification for countless families, including those under the ambit of Oregon’s Refugee Child Welfare Act, and the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act. His contributions to Oregon juvenile law were recognized by the Oregon Office of Public Defense when it granted him a position on its Juvenile Appellate Panel.  As a member of the appellate panel Aron has represented hundreds of parents and children before the Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court. Aron’s advocacy before the state’s high courts has yielded major victories and opinions on appeals from jurisdictional judgments (Dept. of Human Services v. C. A., 293 Or App 606, 424 P3d 830 (2018)), review judgments (Dept. of Human Services v. T. D. G., 301 Or App 465, __ P3d__ (2019); Dept. of Human Services v. K. H., 294 Or App 118, 425 P3d 506 (2018)), permanency judgments (Dept. of Human Services v. J. M. T. M., 290 Or App 635, 415 P3d 1154 (2018)), and judgments terminating parental rights (Dept. of Human Services v. T. L. M. H., 294 Or App 749, 432 P3d 1186 (2018)). 

Aron’s work with parents and children in juvenile court brought him within the orbit of Oregon’s adoption community.  Through his adoption practice, Aron has helped petitioners from every corner of the state attain legal recognition of their families through domestic, interstate, and international adoption proceedings.

Aron is an Oregon native raised in beautiful Yamhill County. After graduating from McMinnville High School, he attended Linfield College. As a student, Aron volunteered with local civic organizations, including Habitat for Humanity. While pursuing his Bachelor’s in Political Science, Aron clerked at his father’s law firm, and interned in the offices of Yamhill County Circuit Court Judge Ronald W. Stone and County Commissioner Mary Stern. His work with some of Yamhill County’s most esteemed legal professionals inspired him to follow his father into the legal profession.

Following his graduation from Linfield, Aron enrolled at the University of Oregon School of Law. As a law student he was honored to serve as a staff editor for the Oregon Law Review, the school’s flagship academic journal. Aron continued to volunteer, first with the Northwest Workers’ Justice Project in Portland, and later at Lane County Legal Aid in Eugene.

In his second year of law school, Aron returned to Yamhill County to clerk for Circuit Court Judge John L. Collins. Through his work with Judge Collins, Aron was privileged to observe numerous trials, and prepare legal memoranda on a variety of issues before the court.  The court continued to solicit Aron’s memoranda after his return to Oregon law in his final year.

Aron opened the Perez-Selsky Law Office after passing the Oregon Bar Examination. He and his family live in McMinnville where they enjoy cooking, reading, and outdoor recreation.

Peter Druckenmiller, Attorney At Law

After joining the Oregon Bar Peter Druckenmiller promptly earned the respect of judges and opposing counsel in courtrooms statewide.  A skeptic by training and disposition, Peter’s advocacy is backed up by a meticulous attention to the facts and law of every case he accepts.  His percipient ethos has helped him deliver exceptional results to clients across a broad array of legal disciplines.

Within months of beginning his career Peter earned distinction for his criminal defense work.  Through his criminal practice Peter has skillfully aided defendants of all backgrounds navigate charges ranging from minor theft to Attempted Murder.  Now a seasoned trial attorney, Peter has secured multiple unanimous verdicts acquitting clients accused of serious crimes, including domestic assault (State v. H. V. L., Yamhill County case no. 18CR49094) and felony child abuse (State v. R. A. M., Yamhill County case no. 19CR17474).  In March 2020 Peter secured a unanimous verdict of acquittal on a three count “Jessica’s Law” indictment threatening his client with mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison (State v. J. T., Yamhill County case no. 19CR58783).     

Peter’s mastery of detail has served him especially well in his administrative law practice. Before the end of his second year in practice Peter established a statewide reputation for quality work in this burgeoning field with his win in Cervantes v. Dept. of Human Services, 295 Or App 691, 435 P3d 831 (2019), strengthening the right of Oregon caregivers to due process in judicial reviews of final agency orders.  Peter’s advocacy for Oregon workers was recognized by Oregon’s Stabilization and Crisis Unit (SACU) Local, whose members he is privileged to serve as chief consulting attorney.  

Peter has called Oregon home for his entire life. After earning his Bachelor’s in Political Science from University of Oregon, Peter matriculated at Willamette University on an academic scholarship.  Seeking practical legal skills he spent his first summer interning at the Benton County District Attorney’s office. In his final years at Willamette Peter was selected for a prestigious clerkship at the Oregon Department of Justice, Child Advocacy Section.  Under the tutelage of senior Justice Department legal talent Peter represented the State of Oregon in juvenile cases on everything from review hearings to termination of parental rights trials.

Forgoing a career with the Department of Justice Peter re-entered the private sector after graduating from law school, opening his firm in McMinnville. Peter and his puppy live in McMinnville where they enjoy fine scotch, cinema, and athletics.

Jennifer Lane Dolphin, Paralegal

Jennifer Lane Dolphin is Aron’s assistant and paralegal. Her poise, intelligence, and good sense have proven invaluable to the smooth operation of the Perez-Selsky Law Office.

Jennifer grew up in Yamhill County where she attended George Fox University. Majoring in theatre, she has served as stage manager, dramaturge, and actor with several local productions, including “Macbeth,” “Julius Caesar,” “The Producers,” and many others.

As a certified event planner and professional organizer, Jennifer has helped dozens of local couples celebrate their unions in grace and style through her business, Dolphin Events & Weddings. In addition, Jennifer somehow finds time to lend her considerable talents to local civic organizations, having served as Technical Director for the Chehalem Players Repertory Theater, Facilities Coordinator for Tunes on Tuesday, and Volunteer Coordinator for Newberg Brews & BBQ.

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