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Let Us Help. Contact Us Today!

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Aron Perez-Selsky has helped hundreds of Oregonians meet their legal goals in trial and appellate court. We specialize in DUII, criminal, juvenile, adoption, and appellate representation. But we love new challenges.

If you’re facing a legal problem, call today to start exploring your options.

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Lawyers are born talkers. But with thousands of hours of courtroom experience comes an understanding that the best results are usually achieved through listening. That’s why we take the time to learn about your values and your priorities.

Flat Fees

Let’s face it: if you need a lawyer, you’re probably under stress. Worrying about fees when you need to ask your lawyer a question won’t help your situation. That’s why we offer flat fees on all our services.

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Nobody wants to spend their life in a courtroom. That’s why we act fast to solve legal problems before we go to court. Our flat fees encourage quick resolution, but our experience helps us achieve the right resolution.

Services We Offer

DUII defense services offered:

  • Trial representation in misdemeanor and felony DUII cases (ORS 813.010).
  • Trial representation in misdemeanor and felony Boating Under the Influenceof Intoxicants cases (ORS 830.325).
  • Representation in contested and uncontested DUII diversion entry hearings (ORS 813.210).
  • Representation in DUII probation and diversion revocation hearings (ORS 813.255).
  • Representation in DMV driver’s license suspension hearings for allegedimplied consent violations (ORS 813.100, 813.440).
  • Motions for modification of DUII probation conditions (ORS 137.540).
  • Motions for restoration of driving privileges following permanent revocation (ORS 809.235).

Criminal and Juvenile defense services offered:

  • Trial representation in juvenile and adult misdemeanor and felony cases.
  • Representation in juvenile and adult probation violation hearings.
  • Motions for modification of probation conditions (ORS 137.540).
  • Motions to set aside arrests or convictions (ORS 137.225).
  • Motions to reduce C-Felony convictions to A-Misdemeanor convictions
    (ORS 161.705).
  • Motions for relief from prohibition against owning or possession firearms
    (ORS 166.274).
  • Motions to expunge juvenile records (ORS 419A.262).
  • Motions to amend or dismiss juvenile delinquency petitions (ORS
  • Motion for relief from sex offender registration (ORS 163A.130, 163A.135,

Adoption services offered:

  • Relative and non-relative independent adoptions (ORS 109.309).
  • Step-parent and second parent independent adoptions (ORS 109.309,
  • Public and private agency adoptions (ORS 419B.529, 418.270, 109.309).
  • International re-adoptions (ORS 109.385).
  • Agency and independent interstate adoptions (ORS 417.200–417.260).
  • Adult adoptions (ORS 109.329).
  • Adoptions governed by the Indian Child Welfare Acts (25 USC
    §§ 1901–1963).
  • Grandparent motions for continuing contact in step-parent adoptions (ORS
  • Petitions to establish adult or minor guardianships and conservatorships
    (ORS 125.005–125.852).
  • Petitions for change of name or sex (ORS 33.410–33.460).

Appeal services offered:

  • Appeals from circuit court civil judgments, including domestic relations
    (ORS 19.205).
  • Appeals from circuit court criminal judgments (ORS 138.040–138.050,
    138.53, 138.060).
  • Appeals from circuit court juvenile judgments (ORS 419A.200).
  • Appeals from agency final orders in “contested cases” under the Oregon
  • Administrative Procedures Act (ORS 183.480, 183.482).
  • Appeals from circuit court judgments affirming agency final orders in “other
    than contested cases” under the Oregon Administrative Procedures Act
    (ORS 183.484, 183.500).
  • Challenges to administrative rules (ORS 183.400).
  • Challenges to agency declaratory rulings (ORS 183.410).